Location matters, especially when we talk about your deck location. Many homeowners assume a proper deck placement is off the main room of their house, like the living room. However, you have tons of options. Different deck designs achieve different objectives.

Deck Location Matters

There are many things to consider when you are deciding to build a deck.


The amount of sun your deck will get is an important factor. For those of us in Indiana, we have some leeway with this decision. Our state gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter, so that offers some deck location flexibility. As a result, a deck that wraps around the house and has some shade with some sunny spots will ensure that everyone enjoys time spent outside.


That’s right, you need to think about windy days at your house. Which way does the breeze blow? Certainly, take your answer into account when discussing deck location. If you aren’t sure which side of the house is best, our experts can help.


How secluded do you want your deck to be? If you like lots of privacy and your backyard is lined with big trees, that might be your best option. However, if you don’t have a tall fence or trees with great coverage, you can always consider a privacy screen.


How easy will it be to get to your deck? If you want to use your deck a lot, it should be an extension of the house. However, if you want a deck that gets occasional use or a deck for large parties only, we can build you a deck that satisfies that requirement as well.


Just like considering the sunshine and the wind, think about the trees in your yard. What kind are there? Where are they? How big are they? Will they get bigger? First, you have to think about the existing trees and possible future trees in your yard. Many times, we can create a deck for you that incorporates existing trees for extra beauty.


If you have a beautiful view, why waste it? For example, think about building a double or triple-tiered deck to make the most out of the scenic landscape. We can even include an extra-wide expanse as a lookout, and unique stairways to get you there.

Deck Design Ideas

Once you decide the deck location, it’s time to think about the visual appeal of the deck itself. Here are some common (and some unique) designs used in deck building.

  • Small and cozy. A small covered area with some curtains and lighting is a perfect way to snuggle up on an autumn evening.
  • The overlook. This deck is all about showing off those expansive views. If you have a flowing river, a gorgeous garden, or acres of space to admire, this is a deck you’ll want to consider.
  • Poolside. If you have a pool, you most definitely need a deck. What’s a summer day filled with swimming without the lounge chairs and party patio?
  • Living room extension. This deck design idea is perfect for the family who wants to spend a lot of time outside on the deck. The wraparound effect and covered dining option give you extra living space to enjoy and entertain. 

There are even more things than this to consider when building a deck, but this should get you started. Questions? Call Josh Smalling Roofing and Restoration today at 317-483-3093 for your personalized deck design consultation.