Communication between you and your contractor is essential, especially when you are trying to decide between a remodel and a renovation. Both will improve your home, but which is the best option for you?

Remodeling is often used to describe what kinds of things you want to change in an existing home or structure—for example, converting two separate spaces into one large living room. This is a remodel because you are changing the structure of the house itself. You want to turn your home into something different and new.

A renovation is a small-picture improvement. Instead of making big changes, you make repairs or updates to existing things inside the home—for example, updating cabinets, lighting fixtures, or hardware. You simply want to make your house more modern.

The Difference Between a Remodel and a Renovation

The difference between a remodel and a renovation is how much you want to alter your home. When a room is remodeled, it generally changes the room’s use, functionality, or aesthetics completely. You can even remodel your house when the structure is in good condition, and you just want to change the use or look for a particular reason. Remodeling often includes more design altering elements made to the physical and structural integrity of the house. 

Renovation is the word homeowners often use when they want to restore their house to its former glory. Dated colors, floors, or cabinets are just a few of the things that don’t age well, especially if they aren’t appropriately maintained to begin with. Like everything else, houses experience trends. If you remember the 70s when everything was avocado green, harvest gold, or burnt orange, you probably understand.

A remodel creates something entirely new; a renovation restores something.

For example, think about your bathroom. When a bathroom gets a shower upgrade or a new toilet, that’s a renovation. You are restoring your bathroom to a previous state.

However, if your bathroom is getting a new layout, a new closet, or some skylights, that’s a remodel. You are altering the structure of the house with these improvements.

Remodel and Renovation: Which is Right for You?

If there is some kind of structural damage or something that could cause damage in the future, you will want to remodel. You need to make improvements in the structure for safety, or to sell it. 

If your home is simply outdated and needs a modern lift, it’s time to renovate. New paint, new carpet, new kitchen cabinets, fixtures, and hardware—these improvements will give your home a significant update that will either increase the resale value or make you feel better about where you live.

A remodel will almost always cost more because it takes much more labor and more time. You can even take care of small renovations yourself, like putting up a new ceiling fan. However, to change the structure of your house, you will need help. After looking at your budget, you will be able to decide if a remodel is the right choice, or it’s just time to move on.

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