MOORESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – Mooresville residents are still trying to recover after a tornado ripped through downtown in April 2020. The National Weather Service ruled the storm an EF1 tornado with winds up to 110 miles per hour.

Families recall the scary night like it was yesterday. They remembered hearing the sound of a train and waking up to their surroundings in shambles. Many believe the severe weather tested the community’s resilience.

There are still buildings ripped to pieces in downtown. Josh Smalling of Josh Smalling Roofing & Restoration told News 8 there’s still infrastructure issues.

Smalling said the local company has helped over 80 clients with damages from tree removal to power restoration and room renovations. The owner added that many residents are still waiting to start or complete their projects as they work with insurance carriers and delayed claims.

Homeowners Jim and Marilyn Stupka said fortunately they weren’t home during the tornado, but said they are still feeling the effects of the storm.

“A lot of the shingles are gone and that’s why the tarp is up there both on the house and on the garage,” said Jim Stupka.

“There was a window blown out of the garage. Things had to be replaced already so we didn’t have water in the garage itself.” Marilyn Stupka said,

“Although we did have water, but we haven’t had any more water.” Jim added, “We haven’t had any more water although it has blown out once again because it’s a temporary window not permanent. It needs to get done, the insurance company needs to pay us for it.”

“I really felt like, as a company, that my people really helped pull together and we did the best that we could and seemed to have everybody taken care of,” said Smalling. “Many not as quickly as they would hope, but the stuff takes time and you have to do it the right way.”

The local business owner said people are having to spend thousands of dollars out of pocket to restore their losses. Smalling advises home and business owners to get with their insurance agent to discuss proper coverage options as we’re approaching severe weather season.

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