How do you handle property issues that arise at your home or business? Of course, there are a lot of factors that come into play when a problem, or worse, an emergency happens. We can’t talk about all the problems that come up, so let’s start with the problems caused by water. The cause doesn’t necessarily make a difference. It might be a leaky roof and rain, it could be a leak in the plumbing or it could be a flood situation. But getting it repaired or resolved is most important. Water causes more damage in homes and businesses than just about anything else. Do you try to DIY or call a professional roofer or plumber?

Water damage and property responsibilities

When every person becomes a homeowner, or owner of a commercial building, they are thrown into a new set of responsibilities. Some might never have had any experience with home and building maintenance and repair. Others might have had a handy dad, uncle, or grandpa – or grandma – who was a role model and taught them how to take care of a variety of issues.

Let’s start with maintenance:

In some situations being proactive and staying on a schedule of preventative maintenance helps preclude major damage. For instance, in a home, you can work to control mildew and mold growth in a variety of ways:

Control dampness in crawlspaces and attics. Do this by:

  • ensuring good ventilation,
  • routing water away from foundations,
  • taking steps to keep crawlspaces dry, and
  • filling any holes to prevent water from leaking in along the foundation or through windows, the roof, soffitts, and fascia.

Control dampness in bathrooms. Do this by:

  • using bathroom fans with adequate power to move enough air according to the size of your bathroom,
  • considering the use of bathroom timers and humidity sensors, and
  • squeegeeing your shower walls and doors after each shower
  • It’s also important to address any sightings right away. Keep on top of mold and mildew that grows on grout and tile. A solution of detergent and water, or a bleach solution (90% water, 10% bleach), or other mold-killing commercial cleaning products will do the trick

Find and stop leaks.

Gushing water from a broken pipe can be easy to find. It is a good idea to get the water turned off and then call a professional plumber.

Smaller, and steady leaks, like through your roof can be more difficult to find. In fact, because of the nature of water following the beams and supports in a roof structure, a leak can be far from where you see damage, and hidden from view. That’s why it’s also a good idea to call in a professional roofer when you find water damage on your walls and ceilings.

Repairing water damage

After the source of the leak has been identified, some sort of repair required. What you do next depends on the problem you have.

If it’s a leaking or broken plumbing fixture or pipe, first, turn off the water source to stop the leak and stop more damage from occurring. Depending on your knowledge and skill level, think twice before taking on any major plumbing repair. Changing a faucet or replacing a gasket are things some handy people can manage. Repairing a pipe in the wall, refitting a new water heater, or replacing a spigot might be beyond your skill level. And, the most important thing to remember is that you want to eliminate the problem, not make it worse, or create a new problem.

If there is a water leak in your roof, you can’t just turn off the rain. Here at Josh Smalling Roofing and Restoration, we get that big time. We have had lots of experience with major water damage from rain and subsequent flooding. We prefer to nip it in the bud before it becomes major. That is why we suggest that any damage to walls or ceilings should be an immediate indication for a building owner to call a professional roofer right away.

Roofing repair or replacement?

A water leak in your roof might be fixed with a small patch and replacement of some shingles. But what might seem like a minor problem to a property owner might just be a red flag for bigger problems. Therefore, experienced professional roofers see it for what it is today and what it might turn into tomorrow. As a result, you see results faster.

Plus, roofing repairs are often turned in as claims on your property insurance. The caution here is that insurance companies have guidelines to follow and a homeowner’s attempt to make repairs or investigate a problem could result in a denial for a claim. Again, professional roofers  will know what they can do and should not do when it comes to roofing prior to the submission of a claim. You will want the expertise of Josh Smalling Roofing and Restoration standing by you in facilitating insurance claims.

It’s a matter of getting repairs made properly and completely that every building owner wants. When you talk with professional roofers you can trust it makes getting things back to normal faster. Plus, you will have more confidence than trying to DIY.

In the long run, you will probably be time and money ahead. For roof leaks and roof repair and replacement, call Josh Smalling Roofing and Restoration at 317-483-3093 for help. You can count on us to do it right and do right by you.