When you hear thunder, you know there is lightning. If lightning strikes your house, it might not catch fire, but it can damage the electrical components of your house which can start a fire. It can also damage roof shingles, chimneys, and more.

It’s essential to remain vigilant, take precautions, and know what to do if and when lightning strikes your home.

What Happens When Lightning Strikes Your House

All houses are filled with paths that lightning can follow into a home, creating damage in its wake. Here are some damages that may occur:

  • Shock waves.Lightning can create breaks and cracks in brick, concrete, stone, and even cinderblock. Chimneys can take a significant amount of damage, being made from brick and stone. A shock wave can damage walls, shatter windows, and even create cracks in the foundation of your home.
  • Power surges.Electrical wiring in your home can quickly become compromised when lightning strikes, which is very dangerous. It can damage appliances, or anything connected to your electricity. It could cause a fault somewhere and start a fire; maybe not right away, but it can cause conditions ripe for a fire in the future.
  • Fire damage.A house, what it’s made from, and the things inside it are all highly flammable; wood, trees, the roof, the attic—there are flammable things everywhere. As lightning travels its path into and through your home, it can ignite a fire, causing significant damage or harm.

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How to Stay Safe if Lightning Strikes

Try your best to be prepared before lightning strikes because prevention is always best when it comes to matters of your home.

  • Lightning will search for direct pathways into a home. One of those direct routes is tall trees close to your house. Think about trimming tall trees that may have branches close to your house.
  • Repair and replace shingles that are damaged or missing.
  • Replace shingles made from wood with shingles made from fire-resistant asphalt. Choosing fire-resistant shingles like asphalt, tile, or metal can help prevent fires if lightning strikes the house.
  • Direct contact with any potential lightning routes should be avoided during a storm. This means avoid using appliances or landlines. Avoid taking a bath, shower, or doing the dishes. Unplug your computers and stay off of them.

What to Do if Lightning Strikes Your House

A lightning strike can immediately ignite a fire, so the first thing you want to do is call 911 or your local fire department. It’s always better safe than sorry. The professionals know what to look for and how to keep you safe.

If you do fall victim to fire damage, roof damage, or any other kinds of damage in your home, Josh Smalling Roofing and Restoration can help you with repairs and even help you deal with the insurance process and paperwork. Our experts will ensure that your roof is lightning-proof and ready for any thunderstorms.

If you are concerned that your roof has been damaged by lightning, request a roof inspection right away.