A custom home is all about creating a space that is perfect for you and your family. Perhaps you want to design a spectacular laundry or mudroom. Maybe your ultimate dream is the perfect spacious family living area waiting to be filledwith memories. Or,it could be getting the finishes that are best for your family—no carpet because a family member has allergies, for example. There’s no need to search realtor listings for specificflooring, or lots of cabinets and storage.

A custom home appeals to the aesthetic tastes of the occupants—granite or marble tile or countertops, tall cabinets, or beautiful wainscoting and crown moldings that coordinate with the fireplace mantle.  When the experts at Josh Smalling Roofing and Restoration build a custom home, they form a relationship with their clients at the very beginning. We start with the details that are important to you, andthen we developa plan to turn those details and ideas into a picture-perfect reality.

A Custom Home is Built for You and No One Else

There is no substitute for admiring a house full of choices made by and for you. Your home will have your vision, andit will be a place to express yourself in a way you never expected.

Hazardous construction materials such as formaldehyde, asbestos, and leadwere once usedin traditional construction. These dangerous things are eliminatedin new products for housing construction, so you can rest easy knowing that your custom home is madewith the latest and safest version of building codes and standards.

A custom house meansthat no one else has lived in it before, so everything is clean and new. Be the first to bathe in your bathtub or cook in your kitchen. There is no need to worry about costly repairs, damages, or worn out materials because everything begins in perfect condition.

Build a Home Designed for Your Lifestyle

Josh Smalling Roofing and Restoration will help you customize your home by selecting your preferredcolors, finishes, floors, and characteristics. We don’t build houses without you; we buildthemwithyou. Do you like open spaces? Do you need a specialarea for your hobbies? Do you prefer cozy rooms with a viewor wide-open floor plans? Your personalized home with us is a blank canvas for your family and all the memories waiting to be madethere.

Customize Your House Design for Today While Thinking About Tomorrow

When you buy an existing home, it’s probably not designed for what you need now or for what you’ll want later. Whether you need a flexible space for a growing family or more space for entertainment, we will design a custom home that meets your needs for today while thinking about tomorrow.

Thismeans more windows, more closet space, large kitchens, and more. When you combine this with lower maintenance, energy efficiency, and new safety features, you get a house that not only offers you morebut a home that reallyworks for you.

Designs are evolving. Old plansand obsolete homes cannot address the way we live today. New homes are designed to facilitate interaction with family and friends. Enjoy a kitchen that opens into the living room, bathrooms with double sinks, king-size showers, ample storage space, and expansive family rooms. These features are often lacking in previously-owned homes.

Put Your Custom Home Wherever You Want

The construction of your own house means that you can find the perfect bit ofland for you and your family. Choose the views from your kitchen sink or findmore tranquility in an expansive backyard to enjoy when you get home. We can even guide you to help you find the best plot according to your preferences.

Don’t live where someone decides you should. A Josh Smalling Roofing and Restoration custom home means your location, your options, your dream.

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